Meet The Owners


Hartford, Vermont


Thetford, Vermont

My passion for celebrations began with planning a destination wedding on Chebeague Island off the coast of Maine. The island wedding was a success and inspired me to continue. Creating the backdrop for any important life event is an honor, not to mention great fun. I quickly discovered that my new passion tapped into the skills I used in my previous career as a teacher; it's all about planning ahead, staying organized, and remaining flexible.


I believe the endless, small details are what matter most. The things you think no one notices, are the things everyone is talking about the next day, and that’s where I come in. 

As a former visual arts educator, I'm drawn to the idea of decorating a space. Starting with a blank canvas, whether creating a painting or transforming a room, is the process of celebrating one's ideas. 

Recently, I’ve been involved in creating displays for a local landscaper. This has allowed me to become familiar with a wide variety of plants, in addition to designing containers and fashioning seasonal decorations for local businesses. Room To Celebrate gives me a chance to combine my love for celebration and nature’s gifts.